Rick Evans’

2.5 Hour Tour - $320.00 Minimum ( 1-8 people) - $40.00 per person over 8 people

Surprising information and stories about Chinatown you'll never learn from a guidebook. Tour explores sites and material not covered on other tours of Chinatown

The best feature of the Tour: it’s private! - Making sure that you get the most out of your experience. Being part of a small group guarantees that you will have no problems experiencing the real sights and sounds of the neighborhood!

Note: The theme of the tour is the complex history and culture of the Chinatown. Tour is recommended only for people who want an in-depth explanation of the Chinese immigration story in San Francisco (although you will also learn about the many restaurants and fun spots in the neighborhood!)

The tour is original, historically significant and promises that you will never see Chinatown in the same way again.