• A comprehensive historical perspective of Chinese culture in San Francisco (not recommended for short attention spans)
  • Experience The “Street of Painted Balconies” with its many upstairs temples and nationalist flags
  • Learn how early Chinese immigrants faced discrimination which led to Associations, Societies and later Tongs.
  • Visit the interior of the First Roman Catholic cathedral on the West Coast - completed in 1854 during the Gold Rush - With a hidden surprise inside that few people know about
  • See the oldest Chinese herbal shop in the neighborhood
  • Discover the oldest Chinese Temple in the United States! (You will have to climb three flights of stairs to see it but I promise it will be worth the hike!). You will receive in-depth instructions on the rituals of this sacred site, the most authentic Taoist temple in the country (which many say, is worth the price of the tour alone!)

  • Tour includes a custom map of all the visited sites on the tour, allowing you to return and experience it all again!
  • Note: We no longer visit the actual Fortune Cookie Factory due to large crowds. I will point out the location during the walk to assist you in visiting the store after the tour. The store will also be marked on the map you receive at the end of the tour

“Chinatown is one of the most interesting and characteristic features of San Francisco and no one should leave the city without visiting it” ...Baedeker’s Guide to the United States